Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Daisy of the Flinthills: The New Puppy

Stories from the Flinthills of Kansas....circa 1980.  Original stories by Kitty Frank. 

The New Puppy

Sadie and Jack wanted a puppy. They had a dog. His name was Luke. They loved him every day. But there was plenty of room and love for a puppy, too.

Daddy even said a puppy would be fun.

But Momma said, “No. Puppies are too much trouble. No one will want to take care of it, and it might get in the road and get hit by a car.”

So, Sadie and Jack played with Luke and the kittens and wished for a puppy.

One rainy day, while Sadie and Jack were in school, Momma had to go to town.

At the end of the road, she stopped at the stop sign. A soppy wet, black fur ball waddled out of the ditch and stood by her car door.  Who would leave a puppy out in this rain?

Momma was afraid she might hit the puppy with her car. She tried to think of a way to drive around it. Finally, she opened her door to move the puppy out of the way.

The puppy was cold and wet and wanted to snuggle. Mud was all over Momma's shirt. She tried to clean if off but there was too much mud!

Momma decided to put the puppy in her car. She carefully put a towel on the other seat and set the puppy over by the door. The veterinarian's office might know where to find a home for this puppy!

Lucky for us, the trip to town was twenty miles. The puppy wanted to get warm and dry! She didn't like being alone and cold in the seat by herself. She snuggled up in Momma's lap while they rode to town.

When Momma got to town, she was cold, wet and covered in mud. The puppy was warm, dry and clean. Momma noticed she was a girl puppy. She was kind of cute. Why would there be a puppy so far out in the country without its litter?  Momma decided to stop at Daddy’s work to see if anyone would take her.

Daddy was building a new house in town.  The work crew were on their lunch break sitting on the tailgates of their trucks.  They all came over to see what Momma was carrying in her arms.  The wiggly, warm friendly puppy was so happy to see everyone!

Momma said, “This puppy needs a home. She sure is a sweetheart.I was hoping the veterinarian's office could find her a home.” Daddy said, “It looks like she's already found her home!”

Momma said, “Well, I suppose she found me."  Then she laughed.  "It sure is a shame that someone would throw away a perfectly good puppy like this!”

Sadie and Jack saw a fuzzy black ball of fur waiting for them on the front porch when the school bus brought them home.  Why was there a puppy on the front porch? Momma said no more dogs.  Sadie cautiously asked, “What’s her name?”

Momma said , “I guess we need to give her a name. She came home with me today so I suppose she's belongs with us. What do you think?”

The puppy was already in Momma's flower bed digging and rolling in the mud and the daisies.

Sadie said, “Momma, I think her name is Daisy.”

Momma said, “Yes, I believe you are right.”

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