Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apple Days at Fort Riley

Even though the little girl in the photo doesn't understand that the tank behind her is a massive weapon of the United States Army - her mommy wanted to get a photo of them in front of it.  Her daddy was very nearly not her daddy - the tank just like this one he was in in Iraq 2005 set off an IED which completely destroyed it.  Had there been all four soldiers in the tank that day, at least one would not have lived through it.  I'm behind the camera and its about as close as I can get without feeling creeped out.

Our young military families are carrying huge emotional burdens that haven't been around since we left Vietnam.  Please, step forward and shake the hand of a soldier today.  Look him or her in the eyes and give a sincere thank you.  That's all they are asking for!  There will be years and years of healing!

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